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  • ATM Receipt Rolls
  • ATM Journal Rolls
  • Point of Sales Rolls
  • Parking Ticket Rolls
  • Q Machine Ticket Rolls
  • Telex Rolls
paper roll

Al Omeira Thermal Paper Rolls is a made only from papers that have been rigorously tested to meet our stringent criteria raw material selection to ensure the quality and performance of our Thermal paper rolls solutions. We understand raw paper selection is a critical factor in providing consumables that are reliable, function as intended and are cost effective. Al Omeira Thermal Paper Rolls reduces unplanned downtime due to printer failures and associated printer repair costs.


This means by using Al Omeira Testified Media you can improve system uptime, and improve your customers experience while lowering your total cost of printer ownership.

A study published in the American Medical Association Journal points out that BPA poses more risks to small children, infants, pregnant women, and nursing mothers. There is the need, therefore, to as much as possible, avoid exposing this population to the health risks that BPA presents.

Al Omeira Innovative Product Plastic Coreless Paper Rolls

Many Countries and Corporates spread awareness on environment protection from one-time plastic use to protect our environment from
global warming. meet our customer requirement and taking the positive action with innovation to protect our environment Al Omeira introduced Coreless Paper Rolls.

Plastic Coreless
Plastic Core Type Plastic Waste Per Month Plastic Waste Per Year
Size 79mm length x 13mm dia,
Weight 7 grams
2100 KG per Month 25,200 KG per Year