Digital Printing

Digital Printing

Digital printing technology excels at producing on demand and short print runs quickly and cost-effectively.Digital printing is also an ideal platform for personalization. With advancements in print quality and speed, digital printing’s previous disadvantages are quickly disappearing, and digital printing machines are closing the gap on offset output. Digital printing differs from traditional, analog printing methods–such as offset printing–because digital printing machines do not require printing plates. Instead of using metal plates to transfer an image, digital printing presses print the image directly onto the media substrate.

The Xerox®Versant 3100 Press delivers more of what you need in a high-volume print solution. Speed, optimized alignment, color calibration technologies and robust finishing options allow you to respond with confidence to the ever-changing print market. From its enhanced monthly duty cycle of 1.2 million prints to its advanced fusing technology, engine cooling module and wide media latitude with auto-duplexing on even the heaviest stocks and substrates, the Versant 3100 is a powerful—and sophisticated—press. Reduce waste and maximize uptime with fully automated color calibration and image-to-media alignment, as well as a wide range of inline finishing options. Print at a top speed of 100 ppm on stock weights from 52–350 gsm, and maximize your job types with the ability to run envelopes, 26″ (660 mm) banners, polyester/synthetic, textured, colored, custom media and mixed-stock printing.

“When it comes to digital print, it’s time to think bigger and brighter”


The Xerox® Iridesse™ Production Press combines the value of highly-automated, agile digital production with exceptional image quality and jaw-dropping embellishment effects, making it easier to unleash the potential of print and achieve remarkably brilliant results.Delivers more “wow” impact per printed page through digital specialty enhancements and Color FLX Technology With the ability to run sheets that are up to 47.2″ (1.2 m) long in up to six colors – including combinations of Gold, Silver, White, and Clear – Iridesse™ is the perfect marriage of creative desires with new print capabilities. Mixed Media Xceleration capabilities ensure superior performance for mixed or specialty stock jobs up to 400 gsm. The press’s paper path is specially designed to move even the heaviest of media rapidly through the registration.

Iridesse™ redefines digital printing with award-winning Color FLX Technology, which layers CMYK with up to two Specialty Dry Inks in one single, incredibly productive pass – all while maintaining “spot on” registration from color to color. This press is built to run. Four, five, and six colors. A rainbow of iridescent palettes. Mixed media. Heavy stock. Extra Long Sheets up to 47.2″ (1.2 m). High-value inline finishing. Iridesse™ is synonymous with new capabilities and new levels of production confidence.